Information on
the online
shopping process

To buy tickets online at, please select the Buy ticket category.

In the first step, use the available filter functions to select the desired date and time you wish to ice skate and the number of tickets and ice skates that you want to buy or rent. The selected date and time of the session, the number of tickets and ice skates, and the total price with VAT will appear at the bottom of the page. If you are satisfied with the session, the number of tickets and skates, and you would like to buy them at the specified price, select "Kupi" (Buy). At this point, you have to log in (or register if you have not done so already) to be able to continue your shopping.

In the third step, "Kupnja" (Shopping), the price of the tickets, the desired sessions, and the number of tickets and skates is displayed. Please check the information displayed one more time. If you would like to change your selection, click on "Korak natrag" (Step back). If you would like to buy the displayed tickets, select the payment method and enter the required payment information. Now confirm that you agree to the General Terms of Use and click the "Plati" (Pay) button. By clicking the "Plati" (Pay) button, your request will be forwarded.

The fourth step contains a summary of your purchase. You can print your ticket on A4-sized paper using the "Ispis ulaznice" (Print ticket) function. A purchase receipt is also sent to your email address. Upon receiving the receipt, the purchase agreement between you and Katapult koncept d.o.o. becomes valid. Under the link "Moje ulaznice" (My tickets), you can see your purchased tickets, download them again, and print stored data. Shopping is carried out in Croatian, and purchase receipts are also in Croatian. Gross prices are expressed, and they include VAT. The shopping process can be aborted and cancelled at any time by selecting the "Korak natrag" (Step back) and "Otkaži" (Cancel) buttons.

Tickets bought online cannot be suspended or exchanged after purchase. In the case of the cancellation of an individual session, we will refund the price of purchased tickets. There will be no exchanges or refunds for delays on the part of the visitor.