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The following conditions relate to the online purchase of tickets, which give the buyer the right to skate at the Ice Park. By confirming tickets, the visitor agrees to the relevant terms and conditions and obliges to adhere to house rules. These general terms and conditions apply to legal affairs with users only if they do not contradict the relevant provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.


The online purchase of tickets is binding and cannot be cancelled or changed after the conclusion of the agreement. In this way, the visitor gains the right to skate at the Ice Park on the selected date and at the selected time. Suspending or changing the session for the ticket after purchase is only possible if the session is cancelled.


The listed prices are gross prices, and they include legally prescribed tax. Available online payment methods include: credit card and debit card. Katapult koncept d.o.o. retains the right to define special ticket prices for special events.


Katapult koncept d.o.o. is not liable for minor instances of negligence, compensation for incurred damage, property damage, profits lost, or damages arising from third-party complaints against a visitor of the Ice Park. Katapult koncept d.o.o. is not liable for any form of damages that may arise from or are in any way connected to the provision of services of the Ice Park, and for any damages to the visitor or a third party connected to the provision of skating services.


The visitor agrees for the provided information to be processed automatically and for Katapult koncept d.o.o. to use it for the purpose of online payment of tickets and for the marketing purposes (including the sending of emails) of Koncept promocije d.o.o. The user also agrees for his/her information to be forwarded to a marketing services provider that Katapult koncept d.o.o. has entrusted with the maintenance of the website. The provider processes the aforementioned information for the purpose of making specific advertising content available on the website.

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Katapult koncept d.o.o. retains the right to block users who abuse the option to buy tickets online. Cases of users not settling debt arising from the agreement shall be considered abuse.


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Katapult koncept d.o.o. hereby undertakes to protect the personal data of its buyers, by collecting only the necessary, basic data about its buyers/users, required for the fulfilment of our obligations; it informs the buyers about the manner of utilization of the collected data, regularly allowing them to make decisions pertaining to the use of their data, including whether they wish their name to be removed from the lists used in marketing campaigns. All user data are strictly safeguarded and available only to our employees on a need to know basis. All employees and business partners of Katapult koncept d.o.o. are bound to observe the principle of privacy protection.


We do not sell, share or disclose your e-mail address and or any other data to third legal or natural persons without your consent, because it is contrary to our Privacy Policy. Katapult koncept d.o.o. holds to a very strict „no spam“ policy. We ask for your special permission if you want to contact us concerning special offers and actions. Katapult koncept d.o.o. will not be responsible for accidental errors or errors due to a force majeure or other reasonable circumstances causing an accidental data protection breach, but we guarantee that the error will be corrected, if possible, as soon as possible. We collect only personal data that was provided to us voluntarily and we use that data solely for the purpose of providing the aforementioned services. We do not require this data so that we would give you access to our web pages, and we do not ask you to disclose any more information than what is actually needed to participate in an activity on said pages. Your credit card data, which you have submitted to the Company, shall only be used to secure the payment of booked services and shall be granted the same protection as your other personal data. After the service is delivered and paid, the data shall no longer be used without your specific consent. 


Katapult koncept d.o.o. will seek to ensure maximum accuracy of the information and data contained in this website. Images of the products are illustrative and we do not guarantee that the pictures fully corresponds to the product itself. The images were also obtained by our partners and are illustrative in nature, and through them as well we do not guarantee that the pictures fully corresponds to the product itself. We will not be held responsible for honest mistakes in product descriptions. This includes the description of certain products translated from a foreign language into Croatian or other way around. There may be differences in descriptions of products on these pages due to modifications of any characteristics and composition of products done by the manufacturer. All descriptions are regularly and thoroughly checked.
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